The Butcher's Daughter

Juice bars are the new coffee shops. Nowadays, we don't only do it for the amazing health benefits but also because it's somewhat of a trend to carry a green drink in your hand. New York is very into this trend and it seems that we discover a new juice place around the corner every other month. The butcher's daughter is one place we'd recommend for your daily dose of juices and shots. Not only do they have an interesting menu of choices (try one of their exotic heritage juices!), but the decor is just absolutely adorable. There's just something about the interior that reminds us of a welcoming home!

F/W Pastels

 It's a refreshing change to see lighter colors make an appearance during the colder seasons. This year, we are seeing more pastel accessories on the streets and in stores as well. There's just something about pastels that makes you feel cozy and warm and it's definitely something a lot of us look forward to during the colder seasons. What do you think about pastels for fall and winter? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section! Xo

Fall Trend: Thigh-high Boots

TGIF! This trend is a recurring one during the colder seasons and it happens to be a favorite of many fashion bloggers. Thigh-high boots have become a fashion trend over the last few years with an array of colors available for the shoe lover. Whether it's thigh-high or over-the-knee, we love this trend because it can be worn with dresses, pants, skirts and jeans. It's safe to say that it's definitely worth investing in a good pair of thigh-high boots.

Fall Nail Colors


This years fall/winter nail polish colors consist of both expected and unexpected colors. We're seeing lots of nudes, dark and surprisingly bright hues. We love the unexpected colors because it brings a new twist to the usual shades we're used to seeing. We've gathered a few favorites that we are coveting for the fall/winter seasons. These shades will create the perfect mani which you can accessorize with our latest collection of rings. Check them out in the "New Arrivals" section!

Style Crush: Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift's style can be described as a mix of preppy and feminine. She's been seen wearing two-piece matching sets, dresses and rompers in every girly print you can think of. We love Taylor's style because she has fun with fashion but she still manages to look polished while doing so. Here are a few of our favorite Taylor Swift outfits.


Accessories Trend: layered jewelry

This is such an easy trend to pull off and it creates a bohemian eclectic vibe to any outfit. With layered jewelry it's important to not overdo it because it can easily go from boho to crazy. The key with layering jewelry is to use light pieces instead of bundling up chunky pieces all together. If you check out our bracelets and necklaces, you'll find some pieces that are very easy to layer. Layered jewelry is all about simplicity and details, two things that can be hard to achieve with jewelry but if done right, it can complement the outfit in an unexpected way. 

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NYC Eats: Jane

It's no secret that New York has the best of the best when it comes to wining and dining. Any type of cuisine you can think of, you will probably find in New York. Because there are so many options, we thought we'd recommend a cozy little brunch/lunch spot in the SoHo area.
Jane restaurant has a diverse selection of breakfast-type dishes but there are two items that really stand out from their menu: the Lobster Benedict and Vanilla Bean French toast. Sounds heavenly right? So whether you're craving something sweet or savory, there is something for everyone at Jane.

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National Handbag Day

Happy Friday and National Handbag Day! Handbags are key accessories that compliment an outfit. They just have that magical effect where they can dress up any casual outfit. Put on your boyfriend jeans and a tee, add a hot trendy bag, and voilà--- instant fashionista status!

We here at Bleecker + Spring take this national celebration very serious and in honor of this fashionable day, we're sharing our top 3 picks that you can shop right here on the website.
Happy shopping! Xo


F/W '14 trend: Tall Coats

Long, below-the-knee coats will be a recurring trend for the late fall and winter seasons. This is a trend that we have started seeing at Paris Fashion Week and through many fashion bloggers  from all over the world. We personally love this trend because it creates an elegant and polished look. Because of the coverage, you can even wear mini-dresses or skirts without having to worry too much about the cold. Will you be wearing tall coats this winter? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Xo!

Gold Rush

I recently discovered this awesome company called Gold Dust NYC. They specialize in temporary tattoos that closely resemble contemporary jewelry. I went ahead and tested them out and loved them! I opted for mostly the gold tats and was so thrilled when I realized how long they lasted. Even two showers deep they were still going strong.

I definitely think they're a cool touch for a night out, they blend in so well with our pieces which added to my obsession with them. It took me all of 10 minutes to pick and apply the ones that I wanted. When I was ready to take them off a little olive oil did the trick!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram @golddustnyc!

New "it" drink: Ice Pop Cocktails

TGIF! We can't think of a better way to enjoy the weekend than trying a fun new cocktail at a cozy Manhattan rooftop. Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar is the latest on our long list of places to try. They have created a buzz on social media by partnering up with Brooklyn-based company People's Pops and together they created the unique and fun Prosecco Ice pop cocktails.
  Located in the Conrad Hotel of the Financial District in NYC, Loopy Doopy offers an incredible view of the statue of liberty in a relaxed setting so you definitely want to pay a visit before winter time comes around!

Beauty Talk: Coffee Scrub


There's an ongoing trend and product to try right now in the beauty department and it's targeting issues such as cellulite, stretchmarks, acne and more. What is this miracle product you ask? well it's  called a coffee scrub and it does wonders for your skin! We've tried it ourselves and the way your skin feels after this scrub is unbelievable. There are many diy tutorials that you can do at home, we personally love this one here but if you're not really into diy's, you can also check out the Australian brand Frank which offers three different varieties of coffee scrubs all targeting different areas of the body, and let's not even get started on the cute packaging! We definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking to try something different, you won't be disappointed!


Street Style: Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion week is known for its elegance and extravagance both on and off the runway, and out of all the fashion weeks, this is one where everyone is always dressed to impress. Street style in Paris is no different and we've been seeing countless looks and styles on the street that will surely inspire new trends in the upcoming seasons.


Images via WWD

Bleecker + Spring recommends: Refinery Rooftop

There's nothing we love more than a fun cozy rooftop and that's exactly what you'll find when you visit Refinery rooftop. Everything from the ambiance, bite size platters , and that incredible view of the Empire State will have you falling in love with the city all over again. If you're not into the busy crowd and more into a relaxed atmosphere, we suggest you go on a weekday and while you're at it, make sure to try one of their delicious signature cocktails!

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo





You might or might not know this, but we here at Bleecker + Spring HQ are completely in love with Olivia Palermo's style. She has mastered the art of mixing prints and patterns and color-blocking like a pro.  These are a few recent looks that OP has been rocking and she has completely inspired us to try these trends. Which look is your favorite? Do tell!


If you know me (even the slightest bit) you know I'm a sucker for a killer NYC view! Throw in a yoga class and a shoe preview and I'm sold!

This past Tuesday the Miz Mooz team treated us to an incredible yoga class right in front of the most spectacular view of downtown NYC. The class was awesome! Totally a great way to relax after such a long day at work (good thinkin' Miz Mooz!) Compiled with matching yoga mats and personalized gift bags, we began what would be the most tranquil hour any of us had all day. It was lead by Kelly Jo Reuter who is a yoga instructor at OM Factory NYC. If you're in the market for a yoga class I totally recommend that you check her out!

After our class we moved on over to check out the shoes. I absolutely loved their new booties. I've been in the market for a new pair and found the ones above and knew I had to have them! I'm a stickler for a comfortable heel, especially if I'll be wearing them all day, and these were the perfect height. But if you aren't in the "boots" mindset just yet, they have a fantastic array of different colored espadrilles! This summer I lived in them, they're just SO comfortable and easy to wear. What's awesome is that they're suede so they can be such a cool transitional piece between summer and fall.

The location was phenomenal and definitely one of my favorite places in Brooklyn. If haven't been to Dumbo I would totally recommend it. Between the shops, restaurants, and views it makes for an exceptional day!

What I love most about events like these are the people. I've found that you meet such an awesome array of bloggers. They all have a specific niche market and it's captivating to see how they tailor each event experience to fit their specific readers. We all went to the same event but what we take from it can be so completely different. How awesome is that?!

A huge thank you to the Miz Mooz team for putting this event together!
It was such a creative way to showcase their new fall collection!


Color me Chanel

I've never been a makeup aficionado. Not because I'm not into it, but because my daily work routine doesn't lend itself for a 20 min makeup session. However, I recently discovered Chanel's newest eye shadow collection "Les 4 Ombres" and I'm hooked!

This past weekend I was able to sample the different palettes at an event Chanel hosted with Instyle magazine at the Bloomies on 59th St. I had my makeup done by Chris, who was SO helpful, as he walked me through all off the different options.

We opted for the Tisse Gabrielle, I love the variety of this specific palette. You have an array of dark metallic colors as well as an off white to add a little brightness. My favorite would be the metallic green, it adds a little zest to the combination. The different shades make it easy to switch from day to night! Not every palette will compliment your features/ skin tone so take some time to test them out and pick the perfect one! Retailing at $61, it's an investment worth making. I've always been a advocate of investing in key pieces that will last you a while. This is a perfect fall palette that is work appropriate as well as fun enough for a quick after work drink!

Test it out and let us know what you think! Remember to hashtag #eyesredefined and #Bleeckerandspring, we want to check out your favorite one!

 Overall, it was a wonderful evening, filled with beauty, tasty bites, and a glass of champ! What a fantastic start to a weekend!


5 Places in NYC that will satisfy your sweet tooth

New York is a place where anything is possible, especially when it comes to food. These five places are a must, whether you’re looking for new dessert places to try or visiting the city and have no idea where to go. You can start here!

1. Dominique Ansel Bakery.
Famous for creating the original Cronut, this French bakery is located in the heart of SoHo and has the most creative decadent desserts that one can think of.
Try: Chocolate Chip Cookie shot.

2.Sprinkles Ice Cream
Red velvet waffle cone? Say no more. Sprinkles ice cream offers a variety of distinctive rich flavors that will definitely make you want to come back for more.
Try: Vanilla bean ice cream with red velvet waffle cone

3. Ladurée
Aside from their colorful and popular macarons, Ladurée's pastry menu consists of scrumptious fruit tarts, hot chocolate (it's literally hot chocolate in liquid form), and madeleines among many other options.
Try: Macarons, of course!

4. Serendipity 3
Serendipity is located in the Upper East side and the highlight of their dessert menu is their (shareable) frozen hot chocolate. Aside from this delicious drink, Serendipity offers a broad selection of desserts such as the "Forbidden Broadway Sundae" and "Chocolate Blackout Cake". Did any of these spark any curiosity yet?
Try: Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

5. Max Brenner
Max Brenner is probably one of the few restaurants that has an extended dessert menu. Anything you can think of, they will probably have it. Chocolate Chunks pizza? No problem. S'mores Crêpe? Absolutely. Churros Fondue? Sure! I can go on but I think you get the idea.
Try: Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake