The Power of Calm

There is absolutely nothing that I love more than an afternoon pick me up! It's usually around 3pm when my mind starts wondering and my attention span dwindles down to a zero. So when I find a product that helps me combat my afternoon blues then I'm all about it. Cue, JUST CHILL! 

Coming in four tasty flavors, Just chill's mission is to bring focus and serenity back into your life. Over the span of a week and a half I tried and each and everyone one and by far my favorite was the Jamaican Citrus. It is cool and soothing and doesn't taste like you're drinking some regular energy drink. I wasn't a huge fan of the taste of the  Zero Ginger (but I am also not a huge fan of ginger, to begin with) but LOVED the packaging of that one the best, GO FIGURE! 

The company itself has a cool initiation story which I think adds to the appeal of the brand as a whole. Surfers, LA and Australia, all symbolize the embodiment of the cool and calming feeling that you get with every sip. 

 Give it a try and comment below with some thoughts!