If you know me (even the slightest bit) you know I'm a sucker for a killer NYC view! Throw in a yoga class and a shoe preview and I'm sold!

This past Tuesday the Miz Mooz team treated us to an incredible yoga class right in front of the most spectacular view of downtown NYC. The class was awesome! Totally a great way to relax after such a long day at work (good thinkin' Miz Mooz!) Compiled with matching yoga mats and personalized gift bags, we began what would be the most tranquil hour any of us had all day. It was lead by Kelly Jo Reuter who is a yoga instructor at OM Factory NYC. If you're in the market for a yoga class I totally recommend that you check her out!

After our class we moved on over to check out the shoes. I absolutely loved their new booties. I've been in the market for a new pair and found the ones above and knew I had to have them! I'm a stickler for a comfortable heel, especially if I'll be wearing them all day, and these were the perfect height. But if you aren't in the "boots" mindset just yet, they have a fantastic array of different colored espadrilles! This summer I lived in them, they're just SO comfortable and easy to wear. What's awesome is that they're suede so they can be such a cool transitional piece between summer and fall.

The location was phenomenal and definitely one of my favorite places in Brooklyn. If haven't been to Dumbo I would totally recommend it. Between the shops, restaurants, and views it makes for an exceptional day!

What I love most about events like these are the people. I've found that you meet such an awesome array of bloggers. They all have a specific niche market and it's captivating to see how they tailor each event experience to fit their specific readers. We all went to the same event but what we take from it can be so completely different. How awesome is that?!

A huge thank you to the Miz Mooz team for putting this event together!
It was such a creative way to showcase their new fall collection!