Color me Chanel

I've never been a makeup aficionado. Not because I'm not into it, but because my daily work routine doesn't lend itself for a 20 min makeup session. However, I recently discovered Chanel's newest eye shadow collection "Les 4 Ombres" and I'm hooked!

This past weekend I was able to sample the different palettes at an event Chanel hosted with Instyle magazine at the Bloomies on 59th St. I had my makeup done by Chris, who was SO helpful, as he walked me through all off the different options.

We opted for the Tisse Gabrielle, I love the variety of this specific palette. You have an array of dark metallic colors as well as an off white to add a little brightness. My favorite would be the metallic green, it adds a little zest to the combination. The different shades make it easy to switch from day to night! Not every palette will compliment your features/ skin tone so take some time to test them out and pick the perfect one! Retailing at $61, it's an investment worth making. I've always been a advocate of investing in key pieces that will last you a while. This is a perfect fall palette that is work appropriate as well as fun enough for a quick after work drink!

Test it out and let us know what you think! Remember to hashtag #eyesredefined and #Bleeckerandspring, we want to check out your favorite one!

 Overall, it was a wonderful evening, filled with beauty, tasty bites, and a glass of champ! What a fantastic start to a weekend!