'Tis the season!

It seems so unreal that the holidays are just around the corner! So as I ease into the Holiday Spirit I had the pleasure of attending the #celebrateinstyle event hosted by Instyle Magazine and Single edition Media!

Let’s start off by talking about the location! As many of you know I am a SUCKER for a killer view! So it was a no brainer when it was announced that the event would be hosted at The Glass Houses in Chelsea. The view was spectacular and the actual venue was beautiful! It offered a wonderful modern romantic feel that was unreal!

The night was composed of various bloggers whom all share a love for lifestyle and fashion. We sipped on some Flight Song Wine, which by the way if you haven’t tried it I suggest you run to the store now and buy some! I LOVE white wine and found this brand to have a nice soft feel. After indulging on some phenomenal food by Gardein, we made our way through all of the various stations.

Brands like Vigross were there showing us the latest trends in denim. I, like the rest of the female population, have such trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans. I’ll be honest, at first I was a bit hesitant about the fit of the jeans because I just haven’t had such good luck but I tried on their straight leg and it was a perfect fit! The material of the denim has a sort of figuring hugging material that is flattering on almost every body type. It’s not too rigid which gives it that perfect look.

I was also immersed in a brand called Silkn’ ,  I can’t WAIT to share their products with you! They have a whole array of beauty accessories that range from, DIY microdermabrasion and hair removal. They so moderately priced and make such great gifts this Holiday season!

We also left with some incredible goodies!  Some awesome protein gummies from Rap protein and Jergens BB body lotion (stay tuned for my review!)

Overall, this blogger event was a fantastic way to get all of us together and bring in the holiday season! Thank you Single Edition Media for hosting this event, having such an extensive Blogger network made for an even better experience! These experience programs help us share new products in the market that make our readers lives that much easier!