The Power of Calm

There is absolutely nothing that I love more than an afternoon pick me up! It's usually around 3pm when my mind starts wondering and my attention span dwindles down to a zero. So when I find a product that helps me combat my afternoon blues then I'm all about it. Cue, JUST CHILL! 

Coming in four tasty flavors, Just chill's mission is to bring focus and serenity back into your life. Over the span of a week and a half I tried and each and everyone one and by far my favorite was the Jamaican Citrus. It is cool and soothing and doesn't taste like you're drinking some regular energy drink. I wasn't a huge fan of the taste of the  Zero Ginger (but I am also not a huge fan of ginger, to begin with) but LOVED the packaging of that one the best, GO FIGURE! 

The company itself has a cool initiation story which I think adds to the appeal of the brand as a whole. Surfers, LA and Australia, all symbolize the embodiment of the cool and calming feeling that you get with every sip. 

 Give it a try and comment below with some thoughts!

New Years Make-up

We've been covering different sections of the head-to-toe look for the holiday season and today we'll talk about beauty, specifically, make-up for New Years. The look for New Year's can be described as fun, glam and chic. Choosing the right shade and the perfect amount is key because you don't want to look too overdone. A deep smokey eye or a fun bright lip is the perfect way to start and always remember to focus on one detail at a time, so don't combine that smokey eye with a bright lip, always pay attention to one specific feature!


Color of 2015: Marsala

Have you heard about Pantone's color of the year for 2015? It's a rich wine hue called Marsala. In case you are wondering about Pantone, they are the color forecasting specialists who (each year around this time) release a new color for the following year that is sure to leave its mark. Marsala is already making its debut in the fashion world so get excited to see it everywhere next year!

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Party Shoes


We are getting very excited for New Years here at B+S HQ because we can't wait to ring in 2015 with the perfect look - head-to-toe.

Today we're giving you a guide to party shoes: our latest favorites. When it comes to party shoes, detail is key! Whether you're into fun sparkly shoes or a more simple shoe with an eye-catching detail. There's something for every girl!

Holiday Inspired Hair




Christmas and New Years are right around the corner and what to wear is always on our minds. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, make-up or hair. Luckily as women, we have endless options! For today’s post we are putting the emphasis on hair. Hair is a very important part of the whole look and for the holidays, glam is key! You can create beautiful chic waves à la Victoria’s Secret Angels or you can go for a more polished chic up-do. There’s only one simple rule when it comes to hairstyles for the holidays: have fun!

Sweet Tooth Cravings!

For today's post we're taking you to Brooklyn for the best donuts in town. Dough is the crème de la crème when it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth craving. And yes, you guessed it, we're talking about donuts. Now, this is not your typical sugar-coated donut. At Dough, you'll find unique options and combinations that you would have never imagined possible. Our favorites? Dulce de Leche, Chocolate with Earl Grey and Hibiscus. There are many other options but these are definitely a must- try!

Thanksgiving Treat

In honor of Thanksgiving day tomorrow, we are sharing a delicious and easy recipe from food blogger Carrian of "Oh Sweet Basil". This recipe is a pumpkin cheesecake dip which you know will satisfy everyone's sweet tooth cravings! Whether you're spending the day with your family or friends, it's always nice to contribute to something and why not waw everyone at the table with this sweet treat!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Bleecker + Spring team! Xo

Comfort Food in the City

Happy Monday! For today's post we bring you another one of our favorite places to eat. Delicatessen is located in the SoHo area and their specialty is comfort food. A few must-tries are the truffle spinach and artichoke dip, bucket fried chicken and their endless Mac & cheese options a.k.a the MacBar. It's safe to say you won't be disappointed!

Street Style Fashion




Here's a look at what's trending all over the world on the streets. From Milan to Amsterdam and New York, street style fashion is where designers, buyers, fashion bloggers and the fashion connoisseurs of the world get their inspiration and ideas.

Holiday Nails

As we're fast approaching the holiday season, we are starting to get our holiday shopping done. The fun thing about holidays is that you get to dress up head-to-toe. You pick out that perfect dress with the most gorgeous shoes and then you add the finishing touches with your hair and nails. Today we're giving you a few ideas/inspiration for holiday nails! We know that things can get overwhelming over on Pinterest so we've narrowed it down to our top 5 picks!

Interior Decor

Decorating the home is always a fun activity to do, whether it's big renovations or smaller changes around the house. During the F/W seasons, we take out that nice fluffy blanket for the really cold days and we put scented candles all over the room to create a cool relaxed atmosphere. We've gathered a few of our most favorite decor ideas in hopes that this will inspire you to make your home a more comfortable (and chic) one!

NY Eats: Jack's Wife Freda

For today's post we bring you yet another one of our favorite NYC spots: Jack's Wife Freda. Not only is the name very unique, but so is their menu. If you feel overwhelmed by all the options (they do serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner after all), we definitely suggest you to try the Rosewater Waffle and a have a watermelon mint lemonade while you're at it! Weekends can get busy so get there early or go during weekdays for a more calm ambiance.

All-black Everything



Black is a color that is probably worn the most year-round, especially during the fall and winter seasons. There's just something about black that screams sophistication. This color is also one that complements all body shapes and sizes. Don't we all love a sleek all-black look?

Casual Friday

TGIF! Don't we all get so happy when Friday comes around? There are many reasons to love Fridays, and one of them is casual Friday's at the office! This type of attire gives us the freedom to tone down the daily corporate look into a much more relaxed one. What do you wear on casual Friday?

Fall NY Acitivity: Ice Skating

Fall is the season when the leaves start to change and it's also the time when we see ice skating rinks come back to life in New York City. One of our favorite fall/winter activities has got to be Ice skating. Nowadays, one can find many ice skating rinks all across the city and it can be a little tricky to choose the best location. We definitely suggest the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park because  you are surrounded by nature and best of all, it's free admission. It doesn't get any better then that!